How to forget your Ex?

You can or can’t!!!???
A heartfelt answer for 【R】♀


Q. How can I forget my Ex?

Ans. Honestly …… You can’t.

hfguuii.jpgWe never forget our pain. We just learn to hide it better. As time passes by the pain become habituated. Once a mirror is broken,you can only join it piece by piece. But there will be  mark . Our heart is like that. It can be again in love ,but the mark created by past hurt will never fill. Even you will be able to forget or remove the mark ,someday that wound will ooze out and the pain will cause tears in eye.

Well. That’s a great philosophy. Let’s focus on our topic. Because you are here to seek solutions and I shouldn’t remind of your ex by writting love philosophies.

  • Family:-  duihgft.jpgEven you think there is no-one left in this world,there comes your family. Talking to your mom or dad on a daily basis reduces stress and a recent study at Oxford university reveals that those people who talk to their parents on a daily basis have 25% less chance having Depression. So,my friend start talking to your family,close friends. Just let your emotion flow. Don’t try to keep it inside your head. Believe me. I have tried that and I feel like my heart and head is going to burst out. Just let the tears flow. Cry out loud.  Even there is no-one. There is God.
  • Keep yourself busy:-t7uff.jpg Our mind always wonders. You just can’t stop your mind from thinking. Our mind is designed that way . It always works on it’s. Don’t let your mind thinking unnecessary thoughts. Keep yourself busy in some productive works. Do something that you love. Don’t just sit on a couch and scroll down the newsfeed of Facebook or Instagram . Go out ,play with your friends. Go for adventure. Discover new places. While indoor play sudukoo,chess or simply watch your favourite movie. Most of all whatever you do, just don’t let your mind some boring time.
  • Don’t make harsh decission:- desh.jpgNever make decisions all of a sudden. Always seek some expert advice. You can contact us [click here]. Our counsellor will provide you with the best solution. But if you don’t want to do it. Then you can ask any of your trusted family members or friends.                     Just because you are alone doesn’t mean you should get into a toxic relationship.

Always think twice before ending a relationship. But once you have done you should have no regret . If you still feel something for that person then approach him/her. If he/she rejects , You should be determined to continue your journey on your own.


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Author:-Rout Radhamohan