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how to get peace of mind in life ?

In our day to day life we suffer from anxiety,stress from workload,dead end schedule,exam pressure and so many external things. But in the mean time it does hamper our peace of mind. We get frustrated. We become irritated over little things and that affect ourselvels as well as others around us. So what is the key to find peace of mind ? Can we really deal with our peace and stability of mind ? Let’s find out.

1.Ignore the negative people:-. IMG_20181220_232659.jpgOur surroundings mostly affect our mind. So try to avoid most of the negative things. If you focus more on positive things you will recieve positive things and vice versa. It’s upto us what we intake and what we ignore. Our character and personality is a reflection of our behaviour. Manners makeath man. Don’t treat people as bad as they are. Treat them as good as you are. Try to avoid negative and demoralized people,because they will not only degrade you but also help you loose your spark. Never let those energy vampire suck your energy. If you are in a group where all your friends are eating chocolates,talking about chocolates, then you can never get rid of eating chocolate habit. You will make your situation worse. After someday you will eat more chocolates. Thats the power of subconscious mind. It can make you to do something you want and also can make to do something that you shouldn’t. So BE AWARE of negative people.

2. Practice Meditation:- IMG_20181220_232913.jpgYes,even it sounds boring and sometimes it feels like you are doing meditation by closing your eyes but your mind is not in place. You should do meditation on a regular basis. At first you won’t feel any difference but after some days you will feel that things are being ordered and organized in your feel. Meditation greatly helps our brain to emit gamma wave. In a normal human being gamma wave only lasts for seconds,but it is seen that those people who do meditation continously have a long lasting gamma wave radiation. Gamma wave makes our brain function in proper order and as our brain controlls everything eventually everything starts to normalize in life . For beginners just sit down constantly concentrating on a object for 3 minutes. Daily 3 minutes will affect your lifestyle on a long run. Peace of mind can be attained only when you try to. Otherwise you will just wonder around and won’t get result. So be focused .

3. Do some light activity :- IMG_20181220_233348.jpgYou may think after a long day office hour you will just sit on couch and watch TV. No, that’s not going to help you find peace of mind. Do some light as simple activity like filling the water bottles,cleaning your table,helping spouse in house chore or if you are a student you can help your sibling complete his homework. You can even help your mom in cooking. That will improve relationship bond and as well as you will happy doing so. The science behind this is our brain get tired doing a single task for a long period. So do some simple tasks that you love. That doesn’t mean playing chess. It will just overheat your brain. Do a cardio or go for a walk,make coffee. Simply talk with your family members. You know tge peoblem with this generation is we prefer gadget over people. We just check phones,watch TV ,play games in computer. All these things are weakening our bonds and that doesn’t qualify to be a part of peace programme.

4. Read books :- IMG_20181220_233610.jpgDoes the book make you feel sleepy ? Then you don’t know the charm of reading. Well I am not talking about academic books. Obviously you should read that also but make time for some extra books like story, adventure, magazine or you can just read newspapers. However make time for reading. The more you learn the more you understand. A knowledgeable person speak less as the person with no knowledge speaks rubish. What do you want to become? Read books. Even you don’t want to , watch some good and positive videos,listen to audiobooks ,read Ebooks. There are many sources you can learn from.

Regardless all the tips you should try what suits you best. Many people tells music suits them best and they can only focus while listening to music . Others say morning walk work for them. All you can do is take rest,eat healthy,be punctual,make your lifestyle better and all these things will help you to get your peace of mind.

Go on. Live your life. Share your opinion with us and let us know what suits you better and what problems you face . We will be eagerly waiting for your valuable opinion.

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Author:-Rout Radhamohan

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